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Business & Industry

From the canteen to the boardroom, everyone needs a satisfying lunch so they can work to the best of their ability. But more and more, heavy workloads are forcing people to skip lunch or dash to the high street for a sandwich. We can help your chefs make the workplace restaurant even more appealing – and help people keep up their good work!

We’re passionate about helping chefs create food that’s bang on trend, cost-effective and easy to produce. And we love working with operations and marketing teams to create marketing and promotions that are irresistible to your diners. 


We know that when it comes to dining, hotels need to offer everything to everyone – from a lazy breakfast and room service, to fine dining or banquets. Whatever it takes to bring the guests in and keep them happy.

Our team can help you create an internationally appealing menu that offers your guests great quality, flavours and comfort when travelling.  


We appreciate that it’s a competitive industry and that you’ve got to know what the customer wants before they do. That’s where we can help. Our consumer insights help us to help you keep ahead of the game. 

Let us send some of the latest culinary trends your way so that you can create exceptional food that’s easy to prepare… but not so easy to forget


Children and students are often as discerning as adults when it comes to menu choice and variation. So, let’s work together to create food that’s fun, exciting and helps them get the most from their day.

There’s a lot of boxes to tick with school meals, with an emphasis on scratch cooking. We make it easy peasy to add more flavour.

For students in higher education, it’s all about ‘what’s new’. Our wide world of flavours help you deliver exciting menus and increase money at the till. We’ve also got fab meat-free concepts to appeal to the 30% of students who are vegetarian and 60% who want healthy food.


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Selected RECIPES

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